“We do know that facts only get properly memorized if they have some emotional meaning"


Gerald Hüther

Professor of neurobiology


Communication works best if the audience is emotionally touched. The ZusammenSpiel is a multi-media toolbox for corporate culture and live communication which allows a large number of participants or guests to deeply understand the meaning of your message. The ZusammenSpiel builds a bridge from rationality to emotion with a surprising number of methods and possibilities. Spoken word, live painting and music are our art forms. Within a close collaboration with our customers, we design a coherent line of communication from the invitation to the perfect give away present. We dispose of the organisational, creative and target-oriented competence to create projects with a true added value and individual benefit for each client.


Since the ZusammenSpiel started in 2001 with almost 500 different projects specifically designed to the needs of each and every client. The settings are very varied: symposiums, jubilees, customer events, change management milestones, product presentations, award shows, workshops etc.  We would be glad to show you our possibilities and to find the perfect format of the ZusammenSpiel for your needs.